"Location: It is located in Kayseri Province, Melikgazi District, Germir Neighborhood. Current Condition: Partially in good condition. History: It is learned from various historical sources and the narration of travelers that the building was built in 1837. Plan and Architectural Features: The church, which was built in an east-west direction with a three-nave basilica plan, has a monumental appearance with its cubic main walls, central dome and bell tower in the northwest. All of the side naves are covered with barrel vaults. The part of the middle nave in front of the apse is emphasized by a dome. Arched openings are made on the drum of the dome on a high drum, with three slices and somewhat reminiscent of a horseshoe arch. The inscription on the door lintel is empty. In the northwest of the church, independently of the structure, a two-storey arched and dome-covered bell tower was built on a high base and octagonal body at the bottom. The upper floors are arranged in octagonal open spaces with round arches on elegant capitals and free-standing columns. Decoration: Most of the frescoes that adorn the interior of the building have fallen, and the existing ones have faded. Stone ornamentation is not seen in the building except for a few moldings. Material and Technique: It was built with smooth cut stone. Inscription: There is no inscription."

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