Hunat Hatun Camii ve Külliyesi


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"""The Kulliye"" was built in 1238 by Mahperi Hatun (Hunad), the wife of Alaeddin Keykubat I and mother of Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev II. Hunat Hatun Kulliye, which consists of a mosque, madrasah, cupola and bath, is a masterpiece of Seljuk architecture. The mosque was built without a minaret and with an open middle, adhering to the Seljuk architectural tradition. The middle dome and minaret were built during the reign of Abdulhamid II. The madrasah section consists of student rooms arranged around an open-air courtyard with a square plan and the main Eyvan(A large room, covered on three sides an top) in the east. A library was established by Hacı Halil Efendi in 1751, and when the madrasa education ended in 1917, 433 books there were moved to the Raşid Efendi Library. It has been used as a museum since 1929, with the directive of Governor Fuad Bey. The Madrasa, which was used as an Archeology museum for many years, was used as an Ethnography Museum until 1998, after the new Kayseri Archeology Museum built in Gültepe in 1969 was put into service. In 1998, the museum was moved to Güpgüpoğlu Mansion and after the Madrasa was maintained and repaired by the Kayseri Governorship, it was transferred to the Regional Directorate of Foundations and opened as a souvenir market. The building, which was allocated to Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality in 2012, is used as Hunat Hatun Culture and Art Center. There are three sarcophaguses inside the octagonal tomb with a pyramid cone of the complex, the largest one in the section belongs to Hunat Hatun, and the other belongs to Selcuki Hatun, the daughter of Sultan Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev. The third is thought to belong to a lady from the dynasty. The bath of the complex is a double bath. Both the dome of the men's section and the dome of the women's section of the bath were built with bricks. During the last restoration in the bath section of the complex, some tiles were unearthed."

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Hunat Hatun Camii ve Külliyesi

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