Kurşunlu (Ahmet Paşa) Camii ve Şadırvanı


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It is located in Kocasinan District, west of Cumhuriyet Square, within Mimarsinan Park. This mosque, which was built by Mimar Sinan, whose hometown is Kayseri, in 1573 and whose real name is Hacı Ahmet Paşa Mosque, was named "Kurşunlu Mosque" because its central dome was covered with lead. In fact, the mosque is the only surviving structure of Hacı Ahmet Pasha's kulliye, which consists of a soup kitchen, inn, school and bath. In addition, the Kurşunlu Mosque and Fountain of the Mimar Sinan, who made 12 works in the city, has the distinction of being the only work that has survived to the present day. Kurşunlu Mosque, which is a classical Ottoman period architectural work, is one of the most beautiful mosques in Kayseri in terms of embroidery and ornaments. The last congregation place of the mosque, which was built with smooth cut stone, has a double portico, as in Mimar Sinan's Mihrimah, Atik Valide and Eminönü Rüstem Paşa mosques in Üsküdar, Istanbul. The domed fountain with pointed arches on eight columns in the courtyard draws attention. The courtyard walls of the mosque were built later.

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Kurşunlu (Ahmet Paşa) Camii ve Şadırvanı

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