Bünyan Ulu Mosque, located in the Cami-i Kebir neighborhood of the Bünyan District, is also known as the Salih Bey Mosque. It is solid and usable. It was built in 1333 by Emir Zahireddin Mahmud, son of Taj-ı Kızıl, one of the governors of İlhanlı. On the door of the mosque, on both sides of the portal niche, the 18th verse of the Surah Tevbe is written on the wide upper line of the two-line inscription written with the Seljuk family signature. From the text in three lines at the lower right end of the inscription, it is understood that the architect of the mosque was Kaluyan, one of the famous architects of the time.

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Ulu Camii / Bünyan

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