Yanartaş Rum Kilisesi


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"Location: It is located in Kayseri Province, Melikgazi District, Kayabağ Neighborhood. Current Situation: Although the outer walls are partially intact, plaster and frescoes have been poured inside, and the main dome has collapsed. Date : It was built in 1837-1849. It is stated in some publications that the church was repaired during the reign of Selim III and that it was rebuilt in 1835 with the money sent by the Russian embassy. The year 1849, seen next to one of the frescoes inside, must be the date of the decorations. Plan and Architectural Features: The church, which was built in the east-west direction, was arranged as three naves, the middle nave of the church was planned wider than the others and a dome was built in the middle, which has been destroyed today. To its west is a narthex with five chambers and two floors. The arches forming the narthex cloisters rest on squat stone feet and the entire narthex is covered with a barrel vault. Decoration: The decorations in the building were mostly made on plaster as frescoes. While the depictions of the Gospel writers are seen on the dome pendentives of the church, the depictions of Christian iconography on the south and north walls of the dome draw attention. Archangels Gabriel and Michael are depicted in monumental sizes on the wall surface above the main apse arch. Material and Technique: Smooth cut stone was used throughout the building. Inscription: The epitaph of the building is not in place. However, one of the frescoes has the date 1849 next to it. There is an unread Greek inscription inside the church. Bu kaynak metin hakkında daha fazla bilgiEk çeviri bilgileri için kaynak metin gerekli Geri bildirim gönder Yan paneller"

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Yanartaş Rum Kilisesi

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