Address: It is located in Kayseri Province, Melikgazi District, Cumhuriyet Neighborhood, across Yogunburç. Who Built it: It is not known by whom it was built. Date: It is thought to have been built in 1280. However, part of this inscription has been destroyed. In Whom Name It Was Built: It was built for Emir Celaleddin bin Muhammed. All the decorations of the cupola, which is very plain inside, are located on the north door and around the window on the west façade. Vegetal ornaments are also seen in the cupola, where geometric ornaments are dominant. On the upper floor, whose floor is stone paved, there is a stone sarcophagus placed during the last repair. The body of the cupola, which is made of cut stone, has a half-square plan and the upper part has a conical roof.

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