Ali Saib Pasha Hammam Location: It is located in Kayseri Province, Talas District, Han Neighborhood. Current Status: Used today. Date: In the charter dated 1889, it is stated that it was built by Ali Saib Pasha. In addition, it is recorded in the Ankara Provincial Yearbook dated 1900 that the building was built in 1887. It was put into use with the restoration made in 2019-2020. Plan and Architectural Features: The work was built as a single bath in the north-south direction. Bath; The hot room, placed around a central dome, forms a plan with three iwans and two private cells. The dressing room, which is a rectangular space in the east-west direction, is covered with a pointed vault. There is no cold room in the bath. Decoration: The bath has no decorations other than the tulip motifs made in relief that adorn the surface of the marble basins. Material and Technique: Smooth cut stone was used as material in the bath. Inscription: The building has no inscription.

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Ali Saib Pasha Hammam

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