It is located in Talas District, Kiçiköy Neighborhood. The mosque is open to worship today. Stone decoration can be seen around the entrance door of the mosque to the courtyard and its epitaph. The imperial coat of arms and curved branches draw attention on the triangular pedimented courtyard gate. On the dome pendentives, medallions with the names of the four caliphs and vegetal patterns adorning their surroundings can be seen. Smooth cut stone was used throughout the mosque. Except for the domed part of the mosque, the places are covered with beams, which are understood to have been built later, and have a flat roof. The epitaph of the mosque was written in two lines in six lines and gives the date of construction as 1886. In addition, the name of Ali Saib Pasha is mentioned as the patron in the inscription. There is a fountain opening to the street in the northwest corner of the mosque courtyard.

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Ali Saip Pasha Mosque

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