Avgunlu Medresesi ve Kümbeti


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Avgunlu Madrasa, located in Mimar Sinan Park, together with the Gevher Nesibe Madrasa and Hospital, is estimated to have been built in the 13th century, as there is no inscription and there is no written source about it. The words “Avgun” or “abgın” mean a water source around Kayseri. The madrasa took this name because the underground water, which used to be at a high level in Kayseri, created a source on the lower floor of the tomb of the building. The madrasa is a single-storey, two-iwan, cloistered courtyard, an asymmetrical structure with classical Seljuk characteristics. The tomb was conceived and built together with the madrasa. The tomb has two floors, rises on the roof of the madrasah as an octagonal body and ends with a pyramidal cone. It is thought that it was arranged as the tomb of the person who built the madrasah. It does not contain a chest. There is no inscription of the cupola.

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Avgunlu Medresesi ve Kümbeti

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