Selçuklu Uygarlığı Müzesi


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Kayseri Kocasinan district is in Mimar Sinan Park. It is the first applied medical school in the world and the first in Anatolia, built by Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev I, one of the Seljuk rulers, upon the will of his sister Gevher Nesibe Hatun. In the Gevher Nesibe Madrasa and Hospital, works covering the Seljuk Period are exhibited in chronological order within a scenario. The exhibited works; metal artifacts, terracotta artifacts and coins. The display windows are designed in accordance with the architecture of the building, and there are information boards in each showcase describing the quality and usage areas of the exhibited works. There are many digital applications such as effectvision, hologram, interactive table, architectural artifacts review system, virtual clothing, magic wall medicine, animations, artifact review systems from past to present, interactive maps and timelines in the museum. Silicon sculptures were used in this section, enriching the Bimarhane (the treatment department for mental patients) with special digital applications, which is one of the biggest signs that Anatolia experienced the new age while the European Middle Ages were living. Information boards and interactive applications for individual visitors allow the entire campus to be visited without the need for a guide. The museum is also a museum for the visually impaired. Free guide service is provided at the Seljuk Museum, which is the starting point of the Kayseri Cultural Road.

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Selçuklu Uygarlığı Müzesi

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