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The National Struggle Museum serves in the historical main building of Kayseri High School. Witnessing the city's 120-year history, the school was established during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II, in line with the modernization efforts initiated in the education system. In 1903-1904, the first floor of the building was completed and the education carried out in Seyfullah Efendi Mansion was transferred here. The second floor of the school, which was converted into Sultani in 1915, was built in 1917. This historical school, which was converted into a high school in 1923, has been serving as the National Struggle Museum since 2 May 2016. Museum; It consists of 2 main sections, namely the National Struggle and the History of Education. The National Struggle History section consists of 4 sections in general (1919, 1921, 1923 and the Press Room), where military materials, clothes, silicone sculptures showing the general condition of the people from the National Struggle period, a parliament chair made in accordance with the original and the Sakarya Pitched Battle diorama are exhibited. is a section. In the last part of this section, there is a press room where digital copies of the newspapers published due to the Kuvay-i Milliye movement are displayed, and a video room where a short film describing the events of the period is displayed. The History section of Kayseri High School starts with the martyrdom monument where the diplomas of the last year students who were martyred in the 1920-1921 period, who could not graduate from the high school, are exhibited. However, it continues with the graduate class, education history and oral history departments, respectively. In this section, the silicone statues of the graduates of the school, who are important statesmen, educational equipment used in Kayseri High School, photographs of the past of the high school and trophies won from sports branches are exhibited.

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