Şeyh Tennuri Camii / Kümbet / Çeşmesi


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"It is located in Kayseri province, Melikgazi district, Cumhuriyet District. The mosque forms a complex with its tomb and fountain and is used in line with its functions. Sheikh Tennuri Tomb is one of the first examples of the transition from Seljuk type tombs to Ottoman type tombs. It is rumored that the tomb was built upon the recommendation of Sheikh Yavsi from İskilip, the caliph of the Ibrahim Tennuri, to Sultan Bayezid. Because Sultan Bayezid became the disciple of Sheikh Yavsi. As such, İbrahim Tennûrî becomes the teacher of Sultan Bayezid. There are two different views that Sheikh Tennuri Mosque was built by Sheikh İbrahim Tennuri himself in 1466 and that it was built by his son Sheikh Abdurrahim Efendi in 1586. The mausoleum, which has an architecture attached to the mosque, which was built in a square plan, was built between 1484 and 1485. There is an iwan that provides passage from the mosque to the tomb, which is similar to the classical Seljuk cupolas, examples of which are very common in Kayseri. There are three coffins in the tomb. It is known that Sheikh İbrahim Tennuri, his son and caliph Sheikh Lütfüllah, and his son and caliph Ali Sultan are sleeping here. The fountain, which is located next to the mosque and tomb and is estimated to have been built in 1482, has undergone many repairs until today."

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Şeyh Tennuri Camii / Kümbet / Çeşmesi

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