Lala Cami ve Külliyesi


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"The Lale Mosque (Lal Paşa, Lala Muslihiddin Mosque) and Complex is in the Tacettin Veli Neighborhood of Melikgazi District. The structures are robust and used in accordance with their function. It is thought to have been built later than the cupola next to the Lala Pasha Mosque. With its architectural features, it can be dated to the last quarter of the 12th century or the first quarter of the 13th century. The minaret of the rectangular planned mosque was added later. In the records, it is mentioned that the mosque was repaired by the Foundations Administration in 1903 and that there is a primary school and a fountain adjacent to it. Only the fountain has survived from these structures. Adjacent to the eastern wall of the mosque, the cupola, which has an octagonal body on a square seat, is covered with a pyramidal cone both inside and outside. It has a door belonging to the mummy level under the northern door."

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Lala Cami ve Külliyesi

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